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100,000 Ambulatory Patient Transmissions and Beyond

In the era of digital health transformation, the remarkable milestone achieved by PaceMate® through its innovative cardiac remote monitoring and data management platform, PaceMateLIVE™, is a pivotal advancement in cardiac care. Having successfully managed its 100,000th ambulatory patient transmission PaceMate is a testament to the power of integrating technology with healthcare to enhance patient outcomes and streamline clinical workflows. 


PaceMate leverages advanced algorithms to deliver the only end-to-end solution, merging the entire workflow – from ordering to billing – into a singular, efficient experience. PaceMate automates device ordering, calculates wear time, and automatically scripts reports, minimizing denials and ensuring accurate billing information is processed. Cutting time spent on administrative tasks by 50% highlights the platform’s ability to alleviate the burden on clinicians, allowing more time and resources for patient care.

The trust placed in PaceMate by healthcare providers and patients underscores its proven reliability and effectiveness in managing cardiac data across the disease spectrum. Tripp Higgins, CEO and Co-Founder of PaceMate emphasizes PaceMate as a universal solution for cardiac care. 



Dr. Saumil Oza from Ascension Medical Group, St. Vincent's, highlights the flexibility offered by PaceMate in selecting ambulatory vendors, a critical advantage that enhances operational efficiency and patient care. 



PaceMate’s latest journey reflects a broader shift towards a future where digital health solutions play a role in transforming patient care. By leveraging advanced algorithms and comprehensive data integration, PaceMateLIVE stands at the forefront of this evolution, setting the standard for cardiac remote monitoring and data management.


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