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Bridging Technology with Compassion: PaceMate at ACC.24

As we reflect on the exciting moments from ACC.24 held on April 6-8 in Atlanta, GA, at  Georgia World Congress, it's clear our participation was not only about showcasing the advancements of PaceMateLIVE™ but also about making a meaningful impact beyond the realm of cardiac care.


During the conference, we enjoyed engaging with many attendees, discussing the industry's future, and sharing how PaceMateLIVE™ is revolutionizing cardiac remote monitoring. Our integrated solution simplifies clinician workflows by consolidating the entire ambulatory process into one efficient system. This approach reduces administrative time by 50%, significantly enhancing productivity and patient outcomes. 

However, the highlight of ACC.24 was our community contribution. We embarked on a mission to give back to a vital cause—children's healthcare. For every badge scanned at our booth, PaceMate donated $2 to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, a non-profit organization dedicated to pediatric care. Through these efforts, we raised a total of $4,982, translating into substantial support for young patients—funding essentials like pediatric blood pressure cuffs and preemie diapers, or even care for Pepa, the hospital's therapy dog who supports and calms patients.



This initiative not only underscores our commitment to the community but also demonstrates the core values of PaceMate—where compassion meets innovation. Each donation serves as a reminder of the broader impacts of our work, reaching beyond technology to touch lives directly.


As we continue to innovate and lead in digital healthcare solutions, our experience at ACC.24 has been a powerful testament to the role of corporate responsibility in healthcare. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and look forward to more opportunities to serve and support our community. dogcheck2




In the end, ACC.24 was not just a platform for business development but a beacon of hope and support for those in need. At PaceMate, we are proud to make a difference, keeping patients at the center of everything we do, driven by our vision to enhance care and streamline solutions across the healthcare spectrum. As we move forward, we carry the lessons learned and the joy of giving, ready to face new challenges and continue our mission of transforming healthcare.


You can donate directly to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta by clicking here.


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