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Another PaceMate Success Story

Beyond our design of the industry’s most streamlined cardiac remote monitoring platform, PaceMate has worked diligently to serve our customers by creating a seamless user experience from day one. We know that new software is typically challenging for clinicians and their support staff to adjust to.


As we contract with practices nationwide, our team makes every effort to provide customers with excellent onboarding and ongoing support.

(L to R): Brett Caggiano, (CCDS, PaceMate); Linda Klochak (Practice Manager, Conemaugh); Lou Mastrine, DO (Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Conemaugh); Lindsey Thomas (NCMA, Device Coordinator/Surgical Scheduler, Conemaugh); Maddison Caron, (CCDS, PaceMate); Brian Coy (CCDS, PaceMate)


Recently, Lindsey Thomas and the Conemaugh Health System team, part of Duke Lifepoint Healthcare, shared feedback about their positive experience transitioning to the PaceMateLIVE software.


“The process of onboarding with PaceMate was one of the smoothest transitions I have made at a job thus far,” Lindsey reported. “There were people on-site for three days to walk us through the software while it was actually in use, so questions were answered the same day. It was explained in great detail and presented more than once to make sure we understood. I’m a hands-on learner, so it was also good that the PaceMate team let me try the flow by myself while they were present.”


PaceMateLIVE offers clinics one location for all of their data—including EHR data, device data, and patient-generated data. Lindsey greatly appreciates this simplified, efficient workflow. “My favorite feature of PaceMateLIVE is that both remote checks and in-person clinic checks are in the same place—it’s easier to navigate! Our last software didn’t do half the things that PaceMate does, and I didn’t feel like I had any support with that company when problems would arise. I would definitely recommend PaceMate!”

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