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Device Patient Case Study: Personal Call Alleviates Patient Concerns

Every day, PaceMate provides communications support for our customers’ patients—extending the capabilities of device clinics by following up with patients regarding transmissions or disconnected monitors. We check in with patients, talk with clinics, and serve as a go-between to make sure clinicians are immediately informed about patients who need extra care.

PaceMateLIVE Case Study

Device Patient

Gender: Female

Age: 69

Abbott ICD Implanted: Early April 2023

PaceMate-to-Patient Automated Call: April 26, 2023

PaceMate-Patient Phone Conversation: April 27, 2023


A device patient, whose cardiologist is a newer PaceMate remote monitoring customer, received an automated call from PaceMate during the evening. The following day, a PaceMate patient communication specialist followed up the automated call with a conversation, answering questions for the patient and helping her adjust to her newly implanted cardiac device.


Over the phone, the specialist listened to the patient describe her experiences and worries and then reassured her by explaining PaceMate’s role in interpreting the device data and communicating with her clinicians. The specialist also directed the patient to online resources for more information.


Patient Concerns

“It was really scary,” the patient told PaceMate. “I was settling in for the night, all calm and cool, and all of a sudden, PaceMate’s name popped up on my phone. And I am already in a panic because everything is so new. I am not complaining—I am thankful to be alive. But you get a call like that and think, ‘What if something is wrong with my implant?’”


The patient explained that ever since the device was implanted, she had been relying on the Abbott app on her phone to check her device function and notify her if things were operating properly. “But I can’t be tethered to a cell phone wondering if something is going on with the ICD.”


“It’s such a big change,” the patient continued. “Even though there’s nothing but good about it, it’s such a life-altering thing. And you hear rumors that if that device goes off, it can throw you to the ground, or the shock can throw you out of your bed onto the floor. But I refuse to live in fear or on the fringe. I thought, this call has to be connected to my device.”


Helpful Information

Immediately, the PaceMate specialist provided the patient with support: “I can answer a lot of these questions and give you a lot of information to hopefully help you feel much better about everything going forward.”


The specialist explained PaceMate’s access to the patient’s Abbott pacemaker—telling her that PaceMate receives information transmitted by her device. If the PaceMate clinical team receives an important alert, they investigate. If warranted, PaceMate promptly informs the patient’s cardiologist. During the call, the specialist also confirmed that the device’s transmission schedule was set correctly so that the pacemaker would automatically transmit data for regular check-ups.


“What we’re here for is to work to assuage those fears for you,” the PaceMate specialist told her. “We want you to know that there is somebody looking at everything for you, making sure your monitor is still connected, and calling you if it disconnects. Over the phone, we can help you open up your app, check your connection, and send a transmission to make sure everything is ok. And if you’re interested, we have a portal where you can learn about your monitor—it’s easy to understand.”


Professional Care

“This information is very comforting,” the patient said. “It’s great to know that I am not alone in this, that there are others in this same situation. And to have professionals like you that have the answers to my questions—money can’t buy it. It’s a precious gift. Your call this morning—your timing was perfect. It was so helpful. I was just getting ready to go for a follow-up visit with the doctor. But you have answered all of my questions, and I can’t thank you enough for the job that you do—it’s not an easy one.”


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