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One Platform, One Login, One Integration: Let’s Talk Operational Efficiency

by Robin Leahy, MSPH, BSN, RN, PaceMate Vice President of Compliance

“We realized on day one with PaceMate that our entire workflow had changed for the better with dramatic increases in efficiency. No longer did we have to jump back and forth between remote monitoring sites and EPIC—instead, all the information was in one place. The PaceMate platform makes reading monitors easy and quick, with the same accuracy. The data is all in one place. In addition, the direct connection with EPIC allows us to see medications and know if patients with atrial fibrillation are already on anticoagulation. This saves time.” —Andrea M. Russo, MD, FACC, FHRS, FAHA, Professor of Medicine, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University Academic Chief, Division of Cardiology Director, Cardiac Electrophysiology and Arrhythmia Services Director, CCEP Fellowship Cooper University Hospital

In recent conversation with a multidisciplinary group of EP colleagues, PaceMate discussed the numerous inefficiencies and sparsity of staffing and financial resources experienced by device, electrophysiology, and cardiology clinics, especially post-pandemic. One pain point we examined was the number of disparate sites clinicians need to access to care for patients: four CIED vendor websites, one or more sites for ambulatory cardiac monitoring, a CIED reporting platform, and, of course, the electronic health record. Clinical teams desperately need a reliable, compliant, and scalable solution to address the resource gap.

PaceMate offers clinics a one-stop solution—a single platform with the most advanced level of interoperability available. The PaceMateLIVE software pulls in data from the four major CIED vendor remote monitoring websites, plus seven additional platforms: Preventice, iRhythm, BioTel, CardioMEMS, Bardy Dx, AliveCor KardiaMobile, and AliveCor KardiaStation. In one cloud-native, vendor-neutral platform, clinicians can access all their patients’ data—from CIEDs, Holters, event recorders, mobile cardiac telemetry, wearable devices, and heart failure diagnostics.

Far More Efficient
The operational efficiencies attained with PaceMate are exponential. Users log on to just one site to access all the reports. For customers with an EHR that supports single-sign-on, the ease of access is even greater.

Automated claims creation is available for all monitoring modalities. Revenue is protected with PaceMate’s billing and claims creation engine, and PaceMate ensures that claims are submitted for all services that are billable upon electronic signature by the interpreting provider.

At the same time, interpreted reports are populated in the EHR and immediately viewable to the patient’s care team, thereby promoting continuity of care. This automation frees up clerical and billing teams to focus on other needs within the clinic or hospital.

Reduced IT Burden
Health system IT departments appreciate the significantly reduced resource burden enabled within PaceMateLIVE. The cloud-based platform eliminates the need for costly server purchase and maintenance—there’s no downtime for software enhancements or platform upgrades.

Additionally, one integration with PaceMate supports multiple cardiac monitoring websites and eliminates the need for the IT team to integrate with multiple sites. PaceMate preserves precious IT staffing and financial resources.

Integration with Every EHR
PaceMate’s participation in major EHR marketplaces enables vendor-approved FHIR API integrations for secure data exchange. PaceMate has a proven track record of integration with all EHRs, but every day, our Epic, athenahealth, and Cerner customers benefit from particularly robust FHIR API integrations we have developed in direct partnership with these leading networks. PaceMate has the most FHIR API integrations live of all competitors in the cardiac remote monitoring space.

Talk with our team today to find out how your device clinic or healthcare system can leverage PaceMate technology to realize greater operational efficiency.

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