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Solving a Common Problem of the Cardiac Device Clinic

by Jennifer Brehm, RN, CCDS, PaceMate Director of Clinical Services

The Impact of Device Data on Clinic Staff

Recruiting and retaining experienced cardiac device staff is a common struggle for clinic administrators and physicians. Over the years, implanted cardiac device diagnostics have improved and can be utilized to help diagnose and treat cardiac dysrhythmias. Other device data can also be used to optimize the care of patients and improve the overall quality and quantity of life. But as the number of device patients has increased dramatically in recent years, device clinic staff can easily become overwhelmed with the volume of data being presented to them daily. Increasing amounts of data, coupled with a lack of appropriate resources in device clinics, often leads to job dissatisfaction, burnout, and ultimately, device clinic staff turnover.

PaceMate Technicians Provide Relief

At PaceMate, our nurses and technicians are remote monitoring experts with an average of twelve years of experience with implanted cardiac devices. Seventy percent of our clinical team are registered nurses, and fifty percent of our current staff meet the industry’s gold standard—certification by the International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners. Our remote monitoring experts have led and/or worked for some of the most notable and robust cardiac device clinics in the country. Many are former cardiac rhythm management industry professionals.

Every day, PaceMate nurses and technicians help clinics manage CIED data from the remote transmissions of patients’ implanted devices. Our 24.7.365 staff extends the capabilities of busy clinics by managing the data flow and streamlining the work. We escalate transmissions with clinical concerns and archive transmissions with data identified as not clinically actionable or nonbillable. This careful data management by PaceMate greatly decreases the volume of unnecessary remote data passed to the device clinic team and allows highly trained device clinic staff to focus on patients requiring triage and intervention.

Learn more about PaceMate’s unique capabilities. With our premier software+service, CIED data acquired remotely from your patients’ implanted devices can be easily accessed on one, cloud-native, vendor-neutral platform, PaceMateLIVE.

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