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5 Top Advantages of PaceMate™’s Proprietary Software Engine

by Jason Hale, CCDS, PaceMate Co-Founder and Vice President of Commercial Excellence

PaceMate software developers have designed and built the most comprehensive cloud solution for the management of implantable and wearable cardiac device-generated data. We continually optimize and customize workflows in our proprietary platform to address the ever-changing needs of our customers. PaceMateLIVE and our exclusive EHR integrations are built entirely in-house with zero third-party support.

Here’s how clinics, hospitals, and their patients win with PaceMate™’s software.

1. EHR integration at the highest level.

PaceMate™ has partnered and collaborated with top EHR vendors to utilize their data exchange tools—application programming interfaces (APIs). APIs can provide doctors and clinicians with a more seamless data experience that improves care, eliminates inefficiencies and reduces medical errors. Our integration uses these APIs to automatically exchange the most valuable data between multiple software environments. For example, PaceMate™ uses medication and diagnosis code APIs to automatically alert and prioritize the highest-risk patients (who may need new medications or changes in medication) to the top of the clinical dashboard.

2. Firsthand knowledge of our customers’ challenges.

While building our software, PaceMate™ has used the platform every day for the last five years—efficiently managing cardiac patients and supporting the important work device clinics are doing. Our software developers work alongside our device-monitoring technicians and our customer users—observing the concerns and issues that clinics face as they use the software to manage remote cardiac patient data. Collaborating with highly regarded cardiac electrophysiologists and their staff has provided us with valuable insight into optimal workflow enhancements that scale for medium-to-large cardiology practices. Every hurdle provides us with more opportunities to perfect our platform. Each year we’ve improved our data management solutions by pushing 10-12 new versions of PaceMate™LIVE to our customers. Enhancements are driven by real-world user experience at PaceMate™ and by direct customer feedback. We closely watch and experience what happens on the front lines and address it with better solutions that continually drive more efficient patient care and a comprehensive solution for the customer.

3. All IT development in-house.

Since day one, PaceMate™LIVE has been designed and built by the same highly skilled IT leadership and software development team. Hospitals, corporate IT teams, and EHR vendors have validated the significance of this advantage and have given us priority for expedited project launch approval due to the ease, simplicity, and security of our integrations. When a practice or hospital system partners with PaceMate™, no fourth party is needed for EHR integration. Through our access to the top vendors’ API marketplace, we gain ongoing opportunity for future enhancements to our EHR integration, without the limitations or timeframe of a fourth-party vendor. PaceMate™ membership in the EHR marketplaces allows us to quickly deliver future EHR integration improvements as needs arise for our customers.

4. Industry-leading SOC 2 Type 2 certification.

In the realm of data security, PaceMate offers compliance that no competitor provides. PaceMate’s SOC 2 Type 2-certified software is the most secure in the digital healthcare space. It safeguards our partners’ data at the highest level, securing patient record access and privacy like no one else in our market.

5. Data stored in AWS—Amazon Web Services.

All PaceMateLIVE data points—retrieved from the cardiac devices we monitor remotely—are stored in PaceMate through the reliable, cloud-based capabilities of Amazon Web Services. Our partners gain multiple powerful search advantages through AWS: PaceMate data can be queried in any combination, providing our customers with the most comprehensive and flexible cardiac data search engine ever built. Dashboard search tools can be custom-built and immediately available to PaceMate partners, allowing designated staff to securely query alerts, reports, billing, recalls, anti-coagulant status, and more—with instant results.

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