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Read full post: PaceMate™ and UNC School of Medicine Advance Cardiac Research with Data Partnership

PaceMate™ and UNC School of Medicine Advance Cardiac Research with Data Partnership


Tripp Higgins, Co-Founder + CEO
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PaceMate and UNC School of Medicine Advance Cardiac Research with Data Partnership

BRADENTON, FL—PaceMate, the leading digital healthcare company in compliant cardiac data management, is pleased to announce a new strategic data research partnership with electrophysiologists, cardiologists, and the department research team at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. The unmatched breadth of cardiac device data collected via PaceMate’s unique platform—PaceMateLIVE—is enabling UNC to perform a more comprehensive and robust follow-on study for their 2016 research correlating election-related stressors with an increase in adverse cardiac events.

The initial study, conducted in 2016 by UNC School of Medicine’s Dr. Lindsey Rosman and colleagues, was a first of its kind—researching the impact of exposure to a presidential election on patients with implanted cardiac devices. “Since PaceMate monitors an enormous volume of CIED patients around the clock, our data set can serve as the perfect source for arrhythmia incidents for this 2020 election study,” said Tripp Higgins, CEO of PaceMate.

PaceMateLIVE software makes remote cardiac monitoring easier—with seamless IT integration, bi-directional EHR dataflow, and consistent automated upgrades. As a uniquely comprehensive, cloud-native cardiac data management solution, PaceMateLIVE gives providers and their patients clinical, workflow, and economic benefits—immediately.

“After reviewing publications citing the deep level of data PaceMate takes in from each monitored cardiac device and after understanding how we stratify that data for easy, efficient queries, UNC recognized the unique capabilities of our platform’s data analytics to meaningfully advance their research,” Higgins stated. “PaceMate is the only company in the cardiac monitoring space generating data insights that are immediately actionable for clinics and for research. We are excited that our work in cardiac monitoring will make a powerful contribution to this important retrospective study — enabling more efficient and more compassionate healthcare, particularly during periods of high stress in the lives of America’s heart patients.”

About PaceMate™
PaceMate was founded in 2015 by cardiac rhythm management industry professionals who experienced firsthand the overwhelming amount of device data inundating clinicians on a daily basis. In answer to this ever-increasing health data problem, the PaceMate team built an innovative platform—giving practices the most relevant, actionable data for better patient care, increased revenue, and improved staff workflow experience. PaceMateLIVE is the most technologically advanced software available for implantable and wearable cardiac device remote monitoring—supporting cardiology professionals 24.7.365 with clinically actionable data. Experience all the benefits of PaceMate. We never miss a beat.™


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