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Read full post: PaceMate™ Is Now Listed as a Healthcare Solution in Epic’s App Orchard

PaceMate™ Is Now Listed as a Healthcare Solution in Epic’s App Orchard


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PaceMate™ Is Now Listed as a Healthcare Solution in Epic’s App Orchard

BRADENTON, FL, March 17, 2021 — PaceMate, the leading digital healthcare company in compliant cardiac data management, announced today its recent listing with premier electronic health record company Epic. As part of the App Orchard developer program, PaceMate’s bidirectional, EHR-integrated application is now available to Epic’s vast network of healthcare customers as a comprehensive, cloud-native cardiac data management solution, delivering customized alerts, immediate EHR documentation, and automated billing codes.

“PaceMate™’s listing with one of the nation’s top EHR vendors gives our customers unique data access, connecting them with the most essential clinical information from their patients’ EHRs in real-time,” said Tripp Higgins, CEO of PaceMate.

With unmatched workflow capabilities, PaceMateLIVE is a cardiac data management platform that will help clients care for their patients efficiently for better outcomes. “PaceMate offers numerous advantages to cardiac practices, but none of the features of our data platform is more important than our connections with patients’ health records,” Higgins explained. “Now, through our connection with App Orchard, our clients can take advantage of PaceMate’s data exchange with multiple platforms and device manufacturers.”

PaceMateLIVE is a fully automated cardiac data solution for patients with pacemakers, ICDs, or other implantable or wearable devices—providing real-time, around-the-clock remote monitoring services and facilitating streamlined engagement between doctor and patient. As an App Orchard contributor, PaceMate gives Epic clients robust EHR integration, with API interfaces providing bi-directional data flow.

To learn more about PaceMateLIVE, see our product listing in the App Orchard marketplace.

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About PaceMate™
PaceMate was founded in 2015 by cardiac rhythm management industry professionals who experienced firsthand the overwhelming amount of device data inundating clinicians on a daily basis. In answer to this ever-increasing health data problem, the PaceMate team developed innovative technology to streamline the device clinic, improve workflow, reduce medical errors, and take better care of patients. Today, PaceMateLIVE is a best-in-class, cloud-native software+service solution for real-time cardiac device management—supporting clinics 24.7.365. Device-generated data automatically uploads to our vendor-neutral platform for immediate review—reporting clinically actionable alerts with complete, bi-directional EHR integration. Meet us at the intersection of human intelligence, innovative data management, and compassionate healthcare—where we never miss a beat.™

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