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Read full post: PaceMate™ Co-Founder + VP Jason Hale Presents at World Forum on CIED Follow-Up

PaceMate™ Co-Founder + VP Jason Hale Presents at World Forum on CIED Follow-Up

PaceMate was honored to participate in the inaugural World Forum on CIED Follow-Up, held just prior to the August 2022 European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

The World Forum on CIED Follow-Up is a new initiative, jointly sponsored by the four leading global electrophysiology societies—the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS), the European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA), the Latin America Heart Rhythm Society (LAHRS), and the Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society (APHRS). The initiative was created to address the challenges of interoperability between CIED manufacturers, remote monitoring platforms, and electronic health records.

PaceMate was honored to be one of five remote monitoring software organizations worldwide selected to present at this event, along with representatives from major CIED manufacturers and representatives from HRS, EHRA, LAHRS and APHRS.

Jason Hale, PaceMate Co-Founder and Vice President of Commercial Excellence, presented to the Forum on behalf of PaceMate, describing the complexities of interoperability related to CIED follow-up, the solutions within PaceMate™LIVE which address these challenges, and PaceMate’s vision for the future.

Having all stakeholders in the same room helped facilitate open and transparent dialogue and set the stage for next steps to address interoperability concerns.

Jason Hale (Co-Founder and Vice President of Commercial Excellence), Noemi Ray (Co-Founder and Vice President of Product Operations), and Robin Leahy (Vice President of Customer Experience) represented PaceMate at this event.

PaceMate is committed to supporting the ongoing work of this initiative as interoperability is critical to safe, effective, quality care for CIED patients and is the key to clinical and operational workflow efficiency and an optimal clinician experience.

PaceMate wishes to thank Professor Hein Heidbuchel and Dr. David Slotwiner for their leadership and invitation to participate in this important work.

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