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Not All Remote Monitoring EHR Integrations Are the Same

by Robin Leahy, MSPH, BSN, RN, FHRS, CCDS, PaceMate™ Vice President of Customer Experience; Jason Hale, CCDS, PaceMate™ Co-Founder and Vice President of Commercial Excellence; and Chelsea Forsman Napier, BSN, RN, PaceMate™ Director of Integrations and Project Management

A new feature article by PaceMate™—titled “Not All Integrations Are the Same: Defining True EHR Integration in 2022—is now available in EP Lab Digest’s new remote monitoring topic center online.

In this piece, the second in a series on remote monitoring platform interoperability, PaceMate™ describes its premium remote monitoring software and its ability to facilitate the automatic exchange of relevant clinical data.

PaceMate™LIVE offers device clinics and cardiology departments unique EHR integration—standardized, vendor-approved Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that can push or pull any datapoint, exchanging data with the patient’s EHR and eliminating time-consuming manual data entry. The HL7® and FHIR® API standard, available through PaceMate™’s integration, empowers health data interoperability by enabling ease of adoption and implementation.

Additionally, PaceMate™ integrations are vendor-approved: PaceMate™ is proud to be listed in Epic’s App Orchard and the athenahealth® Marketplace. We recently completed the Cerner Open Developer Experience (CODE) program’s validation sprint for full integration with Cerner’s EHR network as well.

Read the complete article at EP Lab Digest online to learn more.

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