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Sentara Health's Journey to Improved Clinical, Operational, and Financial Outcomes

In today's fast-paced healthcare environment, staying ahead requires adopting innovative solutions that streamline operations and enhance patient care. Sentara Health, serving Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina, recently made a significant leap in transforming their clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

Overcoming Complex Challenges


Sentara Health faced significant hurdles in its cardiac monitoring program. Multiple platform vendors lead to a fragmented and inefficient system. This complexity resulted in missed charges and high operational costs, making it clear a change was needed. 


Implementing a Comprehensive Solution


Sentara Health sought a state-of-the-art data management platform designed to integrate seamlessly with electronic health records (EHR). This new platform offered a comprehensive solution that enhanced operational efficiency, optimized charge capture, reduced errors, and improved patient care quality.


Smooth Implementation and Immediate Impact


Thanks to meticulous planning and robust support, the implementation of the new platform was smooth and efficient. The platform immediately began streamlining workflows and reducing administrative burdens. As a result, Sentara Health saw a significant increase in billing accuracy and revenue.


Impressive and Lasting Results

  • Increased Billing: Billed units of service rose by 22%.
  • Higher Revenue: Net revenue increased by 20%.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Better clinician-to-patient ratios and reduced overtime costs.

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Boosting Staff and Provider Satisfaction


One of the standout benefits of the new system was the boost in job satisfaction among staff and providers. By reducing administrative tasks and simplifying workflows, Sentara Health's clinicians could focus on better patient care. Plus, automated features made daily operations smoother and more efficient.


Looking Forward


The integration of this new platform has positioned Sentara Health at the forefront of cardiac care delivery. The improvements in clinical, operational, and financial outcomes are a testament to the platform's effectiveness. As Sentara Health continues to innovate, the promise of further advancements and excellence in patient care remains strong. 


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